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why choose Tatum Point dentistry for sedation dentistry?

Budget Friendly

We are cognizant that everyone has different budgets and goals for their oral health. We strive to provide excellent patient care at competitive rates.

Flexible Scheduling

We always leave some space in our schedules throughout the week to accommodate those unforeseen dental emergencies.

Quick Recovery Times

Dental emergencies aren't very fun so we do our best to be as precise and gentle as possible to reduce your recovery time!

Sedation Dentistry experts

For patients with a fear of the dentist, sedation dentistry can be a great option. Sedation dentistry is designed to help reduce anxiety levels while you are in the dental chair. Whether you need conscious sedation or deep sedation, we have the resources to provide you with the care you need. Our doctors are experts at administering local anesthesia as well as utilizing more intensive levels of sedation.

nitrous oxide sedation

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is one of the three methods of sedation that we use. This odorless gas is administered through a mask that sits on your nose and helps reduce anxiety during your procedure. This method will help you relax and will create a tingling sensation throughout your body. You will remain conscious during your procedure and will be able to communicate with us if you are feeling any discomfort. If you are feeling anything else but relax, we can up the dose a little bit to make you more comfortable. The gas wears off just as quickly as it is administered and you will be able to drive back home after it has worn out. 

Oral Sedation

Another type of sedation method we use is oral sedation. This method comes in the form of a pill that will be taken about an hour before your appointment so it can kick in by the time you arrive. This is the easier method to administer and will target the part of your brain that controls anxiety to help you feel relaxed during the procedure. Oral sedation is designed to make you comfortable while making you pain-free.

oral sedation
local anesthesia sedation

Local Anesthesia Sedation

The third form of sedation that we use is local anesthesia. We will numb the surrounding area where the procedure will take place using a needle to provide pain relief. The numbing sedation will leave you completely pain-free and still fully conscious during your entire procedure. You will be good to drive home immediately after your appointment and the numbing will wear off after a few hours. 

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