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Healthy smile Tatum Point Dentistry North Phoenix, AZ

cosmetic dentistry

Smile bright with the smile of your dreams! Our highly-trained team of cosmetic dentistry experts is here to help you achieve your dream smile no matter your budget.

Dental Veneers Tatum Point Dentistry North Phoenix, AZ

missing teeth repair

Whether it be through an accident or wear and tear, missing teeth can severly affect our well-being, confidence and overall health in some cases. Get the help you need today!

Great smile Tatum Point Dentistry North Phoenix, AZ

restorative dentistry

Damaged teeth can cause a variety of issues from pain and discomfort to overall health problems. Get the help you need today at Tatum Point Dentistry!

Toothpaste with flour Tatum Point Dentistry North Phoenix, AZ

preventative dentistry

Keep your oral health running smoothly with the preventative dentistry services such as cleanings and exams from our expert dental team at Tatum Point Dentistry.

Treatment for children Tatum Point Dentistry North Phoenix, AZ

Children's Dentistry

At Tatum Point Dentistry we accept patients of all ages! Our expert dental team is trained to provide high-quality dentistry to the whole family!


sedation dentistry

Dental anxiety is something that affects many Americans. Whether it be for a small procedure or a full mouth restoration we offer all types of sedation dentistry.


emergency dentistry

There's no need to panic! Our expert dental team at Tatum Point Dentistry is here to help in the event of a dental emergency. Click here to learn more.


wisdom teeth extractions

Turn this daunting procedure into a painless event! Our team is remarkable at putting you at ease and removing your wisdom teeth without discomfort.

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