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Preventative care for your oral health & Wallet

Much like rotating your tires or changing the oil on your car, preventative care at the dentist is vital to your oral health! Much like a car's engine if we allow our mouth to carry on without intervention our gums and enamel begin to deteriorate at a rate at which we are unable to keep up with normal brushing and flossing. While we can take a car to a mechanic when it breaks down and wait, it's much more painful and potentially more costly if we allow our oral health to break down. We offer discounts and flexible plans to help you make sure you maintain your oral health without having to break the bank.

teeth cleaning

teeth cleaning

A good way to ensure the longevity and health of your teeth is to get professional teeth cleanings twice a year. This procedure removes any plaque buildup and potential tartar left behind from brushing. Our hygienists provide a comfortable and stress-free environment during the cleanings and the entire process takes less than an hour. During the appointment, we will also check for any dark spots on your teeth and make sure your gums look healthy. 

The earlier we catch any sort of dental issues such as cavities, gums disease, and tooth decay, the easier it will be dealt with. This could potentially save you from more pain and discomfort in the future. Though regular brushing and flossing can help keep your teeth clean, professional cleanings will remove stubborn plaque that may be not have been thoroughly brushed off. 

dental sealants

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are designed to protect your teeth from various bacteria. These protective coatings are ideal for children who have a hard time thoroughly brushing their teeth and are unable to reach the nooks and crannies of their morals. Sealants play a crucial role in protecting children’s teeth who are still learning to brush and drink various sugary beverages and eat sugary foods. 

The process of applying sealants is quick and painless. When the protective seal is applied, it will work to keep bits of food from getting stuck in between your child’s teeth and keep bacteria from forming into cavities. Cavities often lead to cavity fillings which involve drilling. Once a tooth has been drilled into, the natural structure will never be the same. Sealants minimize the risk of developing cavities and will save the tooth. Though these coatings will last for many years, regular maintenance is still required. 

dental sealants
gum disease screening

gum disease screening

Screening for gum disease twice a year is recommended as a preventative measure. The process is completely painless and only takes a few minutes. We will begin the screening by checking your gums for any puffiness or redness. Next, we will determine if your gums have started to recede. If we need to take a closer look at your jaw bone structure, we will go ahead and take x-rays. Gum disease screenings can detect the early stages of gum disease which can lead to early treatment if needed.

Gum disease is caused by an infection of the gums. Toxins will form from plaque, a sticky form of bacteria, that develops on your teeth. When this plaque doesn’t get brushed away or cleaned properly, it can affect the gums surrounding your teeth and cause tender gums, bone deterioration, changes to your bite, and even tooth loss. Practicing good oral hygiene and scheduling regular cleanings with us is a great way to help prevent gum disease. 

oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screenings are a precautionary measure just like gums disease screenings. Oral cancer can affect many areas of your mouth such as the lips, throat, and cheeks. During the screening, we will check all of the areas mentioned as well as examine for red or white patches, mouth sores, bumps, or lumps in the tissue of your mouth. On occasion and if needed, we will check your mouth with a screening light that will make affected tissue white or use a blue dye that will stain abnormalities.

Oral cancer can be caused by a few factors including excessive sun exposure, HPV, and excessive drinking and smoking. Identifying the cancers early on will increase the possibility of successful treatment and will save you from experiencing quite a bit of pain. Oral cancer screenings are very simple and will only take a few minutes but are not diagnostic. Checking up on your oral health is always a good idea and will help put your mind to ease. 

oral cancer screening

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