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A solid smile is something every person should be proud of. However, tooth decay and other dental issues can ruin even the most beautiful smiles. If you have a tooth with a large cavity or that has started to rot, you may need a dental crown. These caps are strong and durable and may last for years. At Tatum Point Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental services in one location to help get your smile back on track, including dental crowns.

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Dental Crowns in North Phoenix, AZ

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are a great solution when wanting to fix a damaged tooth. This thin, tooth-shaped cap will protect your natural teeth from further damage. Over time, tooth decay and injury can affect the health of your teeth and even cause permanent damage. Crowns are designed to withstand normal wear and tear for decades because they are permanently cemented to your tooth. The computer-aided design software used to create crowns allows us to mimic the exact esthetic of your teeth and help enhance your beautiful smile.

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Dental Crowns in North Phoenix, AZ

Benefits Of Dental Crowns

A crown is a great option for protecting your teeth from damage or restoring an already damaged tooth. We are also able to cover teeth with large fillings on them or a tooth with a root canal with these dental crowns. The kind of material the crown will be made of depends on the location of the crown in your mouth. No matter the material and location, crowns will give you back your confidence and functionality!

Dental Crowns in North Phoenix, AZ

Why You should visit office for service

Improved Diction and Enunciation

Protect a Weak or Damaged Tooth

The Confidence of a Complete Set of Choppers

More Attractive Shape and Color of a Crowned Tooth

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Dental Crowns in North Phoenix, AZ

Cost Of Dental Crowns In North Phoenix, AZ

Dental crowns are a great option for many patients but it can be hard to know what to expect financially. Listed below are some of the main factors of the cost of dental crowns. Feel free to click on our financial options as well, we are always willing to work with your budget!

  • Factor 1: Crowns Needed: With any procedure, the amount of crowns that you need will drastically impact the final cost.

  • Factor 2: Additional Treatments: If additional treatments are needed such as a dental implant in order to provide dental crowns, then that will drive up the final cost.

  • Factor 3: Materials Used: While we always utilize the industry's best materials, the current cost of materials will also determine the final cost of dental crowns.

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