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Dental insurance is something that we don't think about too much until the time comes for an important treatment or a bi-annual visit to the dentist. The interesting thing about dental insurance is that it vastly rewards those who err on the side of caution rather than react to dental issues as they arise. You are surprisingly much more likely to have your bi-annual teeth cleanings and exams fully covered by your dental insurance than a root canal! Scroll down to learn more about dental insurance or call our expert team of insurance coordinators today to learn how you can maximize your policy.

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But how does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance works based on a mathematical algorithm that determines what procedures are most beneficial and lead to less cost down the line. It is important to note that dental insurance will most certainly help reduce the cost of intensive procedures, but most dental insurances prioritize preventative care above all else. They prefer that you reduce your risk to major dental treatments rather than wait for the costly procedures to arise. The benefit of your dental insurance policy is that it usually is very helpful in times of need, but it is important to understand that dental insurance policies are more likely to fully cover teeth cleanings and exams.

what does dental insurance cover?

Dental insurances can be tricky to understand, especially when it comes to what treatments are covered. While we don't know what your policy covers until you contact us, here is what most insurance policies look like:

Preventative Care: To keep your oral health in check most insurance cover a good portion of preventative care from teeth cleanings to dental exams.

Minor Restorative Care: Dental insurances are great when you are in minor discomfort or need to fix minor issues in your mouth. Most minor restorative treatments such as fillings will be covered by your insurance policy.

Major Restorative Care: These types of procedures such as bridges, dental crowns and more are less likely to be fully covered by your insurance but they will often help cover some of the cost. If you are curious how you can maximize your policy please don't hesitate to call us.

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