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children's tooth decay

Children's Tooth Decay

Children’s teeth are much thinner and softer compared to adult teeth, therefore, are at a greater risk of developing tooth decay. If not taken care of properly, their adult teeth could grow into the incorrect position and cause a significant amount of damage to the neighboring teeth. Decay is a build-up of bacteria caused by a breakdown of enamel. Bacteria will feed on leftover food particles from sugary and sticky foods such as candy and cereals to beverages such as milk and juice. Cavities will start to form if their baby teeth are not properly taken care of which can result in drilling and pain. 

An early sign of children’s tooth decay may include seeing white spots forming on the surface of their teeth. From there, these white spots could start to turn into brown spots which could result in cavities being formed. Once a cavity is formed, your child will need to undergo a cavity filling which includes having the cavity hole cleaned out and filled. Brushing your child’s teeth twice a day until they are confident brushing and flossing themselves, is a great way to help prevent tooth decay. Limiting the consumption of sugary foods or making sure to brush well after eating sugary and sticky foods is also a tooth-decay preventative.

Children's oral habits

Developing solid oral hygiene habits as soon as your child’s first tooth grows is crucial for the health and longevity of their beautiful smiles. By the age of three, your kids will have 20 baby teeth who will need extra attention and who will need to be taken care of properly. Making sure you brush your child’s teeth properly until they learn to do so themselves is important as is getting your child used to going to the dentist for bi-annual teeth cleanings to prevent any serious issues from arising.

Keeping bad habits from developing might be a challenge but a challenge that will be worth it in the end. There are a few bad habits to look out for and keep from progressing. One habit that should be broken at an early age is poor oral hygiene. Making sure to remind your kids to brush every morning and every night will ensure they are on the right track to developing a good habit. When it comes to younger kids, we see many cases of thumb sucking that could lead to bite problems, buck teeth, and misalignment if it goes on for too long. 

children's oral habits

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