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What is a Dry Socket? How To Prevent It!

October 21, 2021
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What is a Dry Socket? How To Prevent It!

What is a Dry Socket?

Almost every one of us is afraid to visit a dentist because we fear bearing the pain it causes. However, dragging any dental issue for too long brings us more pain and discomfort that we can not handle. Treating a problem at its start merely brings us any pain, but we still deny it. Considering some simple procedures such as tooth extraction can also go wrong if we delay it for a more extended time.

The most important thing that we all are not aware of is to prepare for a tooth extraction. There is simply no guidance or counseling provided to us generally on what to do before or after tooth extraction. And that is what troubles us the most.

Do you know why?

As a starter, tooth extraction can be followed by a severe and irritating condition, known as a dry socket. A dry socket, medically known as alveolar osteitis, is an excruciating gum disease in which a blood clot is improperly formed at the extraction site. As time passes, and we neglect it, this blood clot is either not developed properly or gets dissolves or dislodged after the extraction of a tooth. Obviously, due to the formation of this blood clot, contaminants may easily get trapped in our socket and ultimately cause a dry socket.

Risk Factors for Developing a Dry Socket

The next question that comes to our mind is who is most likely to develop a dry socket. For every medical condition, some factors either aggravate it or alleviate it. As per this issue, multiple types of habits can lead us towards a dry socket, such as:

  • Smoking
  • Extraction of a wisdom tooth
  • Traumas
  • Having a poor oral hygiene
  • Taking birth control pills.

People with any of the problems mentioned above are more prone to getting a dry socket following a tooth extraction procedure.

Symptoms of a Dry Socket

Moving on to the next question, how do you get to know if you get a dry socket. Considering a blood clot is a cause of the dry socket, you might not see any blood clot at once; instead, there will be a whitish-colored bone. Moreover, the extraction site would feel very dry, and slight pain might originate about 2 to 3 days after the extraction. As time passes by, the pain will get severe, and you might feel it radiating towards your ears. Some prior patients have also experienced bad breath or an irritating taste in their mouth after the teeth cleaning.

Prevention of a Dry Socket

The major purpose behind all of this information is to help all of you prevent such a painful gum disease. The major concern for you is to always talk to your dentist about the post-care instructions after any tooth extraction. It might not seem important to you at the time, but trust us, it is extremely useful.

Some tidbits to help you prevent a dry socket, may include:

  1. Avoid intake of junk foods, especially for the next 3 days.
  2. Try not to eat any crunchy foods, for example chips, nuts etc.; which get stuck into your extraction site.
  3. Try not to use a straw for the next 3 to 4 days.
  4. Try not to smoke for at least the next 3 days, or lower your consumption than usual.
  5. Strictly avoid alcohol.
  6. Do not spit or rinse frequently for at least 3 to 4 days.
  7. Limit your physical activity for at least a week, so you do not get exerted out of energy.
  8. Follow a good dental hygiene, including daily teeth cleaning.

Treatment of a Dry Socket

While you prevent a dry socket, a dentist is always the best solution for an effective treatment. A dentist may help you with rapid healing by the following treatments:

  1. By deep teeth cleaning, which resists the entry of any microbes.
  2. By prescribing you pain killers or medications for pain relief.
  3. A dentist may also pack your infected site with medicated dressings to soothe your condition.

Such deep teeth cleaning treatments may provide you a relatively fast pain relief and reconcile the dry socket quicker.

Choosing The Best Dentist for Your Teeth

We know that choosing a trustworthy dentist is very challenging nowadays. But, we have the best one for you. Dr. Gonzalez at Tatum Point Dentistry can assist you with any dental condition you want. You will not regret visiting her, as she will provide you the most advanced treatments. By the help of modern equipment and technologies, she will provide you with dental care you could only dream of! The thought of a visit to the dentist might not be that terrible for you any more!

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